Hi, my name is Mischa.

I am a versatile Freelance Art Director and designer from Hamburg. From corporate design development to traditional and digital campaigns & animation: My strength lies in idea generation, redesign, and creating a look & feel that suits the brand. I have a sense for trends, a strong affinity for social media, and always work with a focus on the target audience. My goal is to make complex matters understandable and concise.

Until end of 2022 I worked at Tomorrow â€“ a FinTech that combines mobile banking with true sustainability.
Prior to that I was working at upljft â€“ a joint venture between thjnk and the MarTech company Facelift bbt.

When I am not listening to weird Lo-Fi Beats, painting on walls or watching movies, I am probably taking a ton of pictures while travelling with my wife and daughters.

Some of these photos can be seen here.




Art Direction, Conception, Brand Design, Illustration, Social Media Advertising and Content Creation, Responsive UI-Design



NBCUniversal, Warner Bros., Pringles, Sky, Olympus, Playmobil, Deutsche Bahn mobil, Medion, Bauknecht, EWE AG, Facelift bbt, Lotto, Ortlieb Sportartikel, Mojo Streetwear, Christ Juweliere und Uhrenmacher, Douglas Holding, DAK Gesundheit, VGH Versicherungen, COTY Prestige, Kopf&Steine, FerryHouse Records, Tomorrow Bank, Miele, Sonax, TBWA/ Hamburg